GOM/Roma Inspection Scanning

The Company closely monitors the quality of its processes and components and maintains monthly reports of inspection.

QFS has invested in the latest technology GOM and Roma inspection facilities, which has created a significant competitive advantage.

GOM is a global industrial manufacturer that develops and produces revolutionary optical measurement solutions and technologies for 3D coordinate measurement and deformation analysis. GOM’s measuring systems are based on digital image processing and are used in product development, quality assurance, material and component testing.

Optical measuring technology and full-field surface measurement systems have become a standard tool within virtually all industries. The data from GOM’s measurement systems are an invaluable tool for quality control in modern product development and production process chains.

The ATOS Compact Scan delivers:

  • Blue Light Technology
  • Scan & Probe
  • Scaleable Field of View
  • The Compact Class
  • Portable Measuring
  • Complete Measuring System

Blue Light Technology

  • Scanning independent of ambient light conditions
  • Fast scanning for large components
  • Advanced high-end technology, transferred from GOM’s ATOS Triple Scan
  • Low maintenance costs
  • High-quality measurement data

Scan & Probe

  • GOM’s industrial stereo camera technology
  • Capture fine details, even for smallest parts with high resolution
  • Combine full-field scanning and touch probe measurement
  • Instant change between scanning and handheld probing

Scaleable Field of View

  • Adaptable accuracy, detail resolution and speed
  • Digitizing small to large parts with one sensor head
  • Complete part analysis
  • Measure large components up to tens of meters in size

The Compact Class

  • Simple measurement regardless of environment
  • High-end components with stereo 2 or 5 megapixel cameras
  • Complex measurement and inspection tasks
  • New applications, e.g. measurements in narrow spaces, interiors etc.

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