A brief history of QFS

QFS was founded in 1997 by a team which included Graham Howells, Gary Daniel, and Nigel Wood. In the early stages of its development, its focus was manufacturing and engineering hand-made parts for the automotive industry. The Company started working for JLR in 1998 and for BMW in 2004 and has continued to enjoy excellent relationships with these and other customers.

The Company introduced its first machines in 2004 and continued to invest in new plant and equipment. QFS demonstrated its robustness during the recession in 2009 and continued to show strong growth. The Company has implemented its 5 year plan of investing in the latest technology to allow it to maintain the highest quality services expected from its key customers.

Investment has included a CNC machining centres, laser cutting machines, hydraulic and mechanical presses and a new GOM and Roma scanner which has allowed QFS to significantly increase its inspection capacity.

The Company achieved record turnover in the year ended 30 September 2014, and is on track for another record year.

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